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The best Berry
is Miss Cherry

And that may be said. A beautiful plant for the garden that can be enjoyed by everyone. The berries of the Miss Cherry are popularly called lingonberries. These are used in various recipes that are described on this website. Lingonberries contain a high level of antioxidants. Tasty and healthy! A clear manual on maintenance can also be found on the website.

Let Miss Cherry seduce you!

Best Berry

  • Healthy:
    High percentage antioxidants
  • Strong:
    Resistant to diseases & hardy to
    –40 ℃ / -46 ℃
  • Tasty:
    Useable in dishes
  • Multi functional:
    Solitary, combined, patio plant, mini hedge


  • Location:
    Semi shade to sunny.
  • Soil type:
    Humus-rich or planted in humus-rich garden soil.
  • Pruning tips:
    Prune only a little in early spring until half May at the latest. Remove the top of the new shoots to increase a better growth.
  • Maintenance:
    Maintenance low. Little pruning in spring for modelling & stimulation of the growth. No treatment necessary because this variety is resistant to diseases.


  • In the front of a perennial border. The beautiful plant is an addition to the bare winter garden.
  • On the terrace / patio to pick the tasteful berries as a snack or to use them for delicious dishes.
  • As a mini-hedge and as an evergreen shrub.
  • As a solitary, mono plant in the garden with ornamental berries.


Looking for perfection is an art as perfection does not exist. Yet Maarten Bloemen succeeded. In 2002 he started looking for an improved version of the Vaccinium vitis idaea.

With the quality requirements:

  • Bushy growth
  • Rich bloom and therefore more berries that also remain longer good on the plant
  • Extremely disease resistant compared to other varieties on the market

Since 2010

Named for the first time in and available since 2010 as Miss Cherry® (‘Meliro’) PBR

Miss Cherry® ‘Meliro’ PBR is named after his children. 'Meliro' is built from the first 2 letters of the name of each child, from the youngest to the eldest MErijn – LIndy – ROsanne.

The best Berry is Miss Cherry!

Miss Cherry ‘Meliro’ PBR

Lingonberry recipes

  • Lingonberry jam:
    Download the recipe. (PDF)
  • Lingonberry-cheesecake:
    Download the recipe. (PDF)
  • Deer steak with lingonberry compote:
    Download the recipe. (PDF)
  • Pancakes with lingonberries:
    Download the recipe. (PDF)

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